Friday, November 18, 2011

Marijuana Bracelets a New Fad Among Tampa Bay Area Juveniles

St. Petersburg Criminal Attorney and Former State Prosecutor Melinda Morris of the Morris Law Firm discusses a new fashion trend in bracelets designed to allow covert marijuana smoking.


Students in and around the Tampa Bay area have begun to wear bracelets that are designed to smoke hookah, but many law enforcement officials believe the bracelets may be used to smoke marijuana (also known as weed, pot or chronic) or hide other drugs or controlled substances, such as cocaine, crack, meth or heroin.

The bracelets appear to be a fashion accessory and are often made out of a macramé type weave with beads or metal details.  However, once the bracelets are taken apart, one end has a bowl with a filter.  A plastic tube is woven into the bracelet and is capped off by a bead at the end of the bracelet.  When the bead is unscrewed, the bracelet can be used as a pipe .

Why This Matters To You:

Many school officials are concerned the bracelets are drug paraphernalia used to possess marijuana and other illegal drugs, and are making efforts to have the bracelets banned, in addition to seeking criminal penalties for anyone who distributes or wears the bracelets.

This means high school and middle school students in the Tampa Bay area may wrongfully be accused of juvenile drug possession and other juvenile offenses if they wear these bracelets as a form of fashion, even if they did not use the bracelet to hide or smoke marijuana or drugs, or have any intent for the bracelet to be used for drug or marijuana purposes.

Additionally, retailers and merchants who sell the bracelets throughout the Tampa Bay area can also potentially be accused of marijuana and drug offenses, such as possessing drug paraphernalia with the intent to distribute, or manufacturing drug paraphernalia.

What To Do Next:

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