Friday, October 15, 2010

Even Apple Takes Juvenile Sexting Seriously – Effects in Florida

St. Petersburg Criminal Attorney and Former State Prosecutor Melinda Morris of the Morris Law Firm discusses the how the rise of Sexting (a felony charged as child pornography in the State of Florida) has caused Apple to patent a mechanism to keep Juvenile iPhone users from getting in trouble.


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit text messages and / or multimedia messages (photos, videos) via cell phones or computers (or other electronic mechanism).

A recent national study showed one in five teenagers have sent sexy text messages with racy photos.

Sexting has become so prevalent that Apple has recently had a patent approved which the media has dubbed, “the anti-sexting patent.”  While the patent focuses on providing parental controls over language sent and received via text message, it seems reasonable that the technology could be expanded to cover photo messages in the foreseeable future.

Why This Matters To You:

Apple takes the issue of Sexting seriously enough to file for a patent on “anti-sexting technology” for their iPhone and other devices.  They are right to take this issue seriously as under the current law a minor caught Sexting with his or her peers may be guilty of child pornography, a felony in the State of Florida.

Even though most understand that Sexting is by and large youthful bad behavior, the State of Florida recognizes it as child pornography, a felony punishable by jail time and potential registration as a sex offender.  Felony criminal charges can have a painful effect on a youthful offender as it can affect their future including academic and employment opportunities, not to mention short term punishments and sanctions imposed by the Florida Juvenile Justice System.

What To Do Next:

If your child has been arrested for a Juvenile Sexual Offense, contact a St. Petersburg Juvenile Defense Attorney to discuss possible defenses and specific strategies that may exist in your case.  Call the Morris Law Firm at 727-388-4736 to discuss your case directly with an attorney, or fill out our Online Form to be contacted for a Free Initial Consultation.  The Morris Law Firm can help and has specific knowledge and experience in defending Juvenile offenders throughout Pinellas County and the entire Tampa Bay, FL Area (St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Hillsborough, Pasco, Bradenton, Manatee, and Sarasota).